Sports infrastructure in Valmiera

Vidzeme Olympic centre

Contacts: Anita Upeniece, Head of Marketing and public relations department, Phone:  +371 29110057, E-mail: anita.upeniece@voc.lv
Address: Rīgas Street 91, Valmiera
Phone: + 371 64233401
Director: Artis Jansons, Phone: +371 29234765, E-mail: artis.jansons@voc.lv

Vidzeme Olympic centre was created to promote development of sport in Valmiera and in the Vidzeme region, to create a high quality sports centre for educational and training activities available for inhabitants of the region, as well as to create deeper interest for sports and healthy lifestyle.

To be the leading sports centre for tournaments, training, as well as for leisure and recreation purposes, where high quality services are offered to all those interested in active and healthy lifestyle, various organizations, sports clubs from Valmiera and the Vidzeme region, and athletes.


Jānis Daliņš Stadium - currently under construction. To be finished in 2020th

Address: J. Daliņa Street 2, Valmiera
Phone:+371 6 4231211
Director: Artis Jansons
E-mail: janadalina@gmail.com

Stadium hosts several athletics tournaments, as well matches for the Latvian Higher Football League. Besides, the stadium is considered to be one of the best stadiums for athletics and football in Latvia. Athletes can carry out trainings in athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports.  By the stadium an ice-hockey field is located. Furthermore indoor heavy athletics and sprint trainings can be carried out.


Rowing track „Krācītes”

Address: Kāpu Street 15, Valmiera
Phone: +371 6 4235691
Director: Līga Dzene

The rowing track is located in the Gauja River by the Goat Rapids and it is considered to be one of the best rowing tracks in the Baltics, where several competitions take place. It has also become a beloved training spot for water tourists to prepare for more difficult boat trips. By the track several resting zones have been created, suitable for various leisure activities, as well as for swimming.


BMX track

Address: "Avoti", Valmiera parish,
Burtnieki municipality, LV-4219
Phone: +371 64238150

The best BMX track in Latvia, where various national and international competitions are held.


Valmiera swimming pool
Address: Rīga Street 91, Valmiera
Phone:  +371 27040012  
E-mail: info@valmieraspeldbaseins.lv 


Sports Hall of the Valmiera 5th Secondary School

Address: Raiņa Street 3, Valmiera
Phone: +371 6 4222443
Director: Rudīte Markus
E-mail: v5vadm@valmiera.edu.lv

The basketball court of the Sports Hall of the Valmiera 5th Secondary School matches all European standards.


Model Auto racing track of the Valmiera Youth Centre „Vinda”

Address: Garā Street 10, Valmiera
Phone: +371 29389757
Manager: Andris Taurītis


Sports Hall of the Valmiera Pārgauja Primary School

Address: Meža Street 12A, Valmiera
Phone: +371 64235490
Director: Viktors Litaunieks

One of the newest sport infrastructure facilities in Valmiera. It provides opportunity to simultaneously hold trainings and/or events in three halls, which can be used for basketball, volleyball, floorball etc.


Football pitch

Address: Sporta Street 2, Valmiera

Provides opportunities to simultaneously play on two pitches, out of which one has an artificial turf. Since 1998 it is managed by the Valmiera Football club.


Skiing track of the active leisure complex „Baiļi”

Address: "Baiļi", Kauguri parish, Beverīna municipality, LV-4224
Phone: +371 64 221861
E-mail: baili@valm.lv