Taste connoisseurs visit Valmiera

14.11.2017. 10:56

During the autumn harvest, from October 9 to 14, several Hanseatic cities in Latvia and Visby in Sweden were visited by three tourism experts from Germany and the Netherlands to enjoy the culinary offers of Hanseatic cities and learn about the local heritage. Guests enjoyed the hospitality of Valmiera during October 10 and 11.

Valmiera hosts a discussion on rental apartment market

01.11.2017. 10:38

On November 1, 2017 Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments organised a discussion in the Valmiera Culture Centre. The discussion “Is it needed to develop rental apartment market in Latvia?” gathered over 90 participants from Latvian cities and municipalities.

The Ambassador of Estonia visits Valmiera

16.11.2017. 10:54

On October 27 Valmiera was visited by the Ambassador of Estonia to Latvia Tõnis Nirk and the Deputy Head of the Mission Merje Stanciene. The aim of the visit was to get introduced to different factors of business environment in Valmiera and to discuss future cooperation opportunities between Valmiera and Estonia.

VUAS invests in STEM programs and research

26.09.2017. 09:59

In order to adequately react on global and national changes in the labor market, as well as to increase the capacity of research and innovation institutions, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (VUAS) implements two European Regional Development Fund projects with a total value of more than one million EUR.

Enjoy Valmiera with audio guide

28.09.2017. 09:57

Did you know how the St.Simon’s church got its name and what was in the current local government’s building before that? Could you imagine how the 10m tall Livonian Order Castle looked like? Now only the ruins are left. Did you know that in 1920th the first music school in Latvia outside Riga was opened in Valmiera? You’ll find these and a lot more interesting facts on Valmiera when you’ll use the audio guide.

Valmiera Glass Group's fabric used in construction of highest building in Seoul

14.09.2017. 11:06

In order to maintain the safety from fire and smoke, the Valmiera Glass Group's glass fiber fabric is used in the construction of the highest building in Seoul (South Korea) and fifth highest in world - Lotte World Tower. Fabric is used as a fireproof curtain or barrier that effectively defends in various types of emergencies.

24 international students start their studies in VUAS

12.09.2017. 10:38

This study year 24 students from 12 states, including France, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Molova, Kirgizstan and Albania are studying in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (VUAS).

Citizens evaluate municipality's work in Valmiera

31.05.2017. 10:36

In order to find out the citizen's opinion on municipality's work, services provided and their quality as well as cooperation with society, information adequacy and other issues in Valmiera in Year 2016, Valmiera Municipality asked citizens to participate in Annual Citizen Survey. 

Danes learn about ecoturism offer in Valmiera

11.05.2017. 15:26

From May 4th to 6th the delegation from Høje-Taastrup, Denmark visited Valmiera in order to find out more about the city’s ecotourism opportunities. The delegation consisted of Mayor of Høje-Taastrup Mr.Michael Ziegler, deputy Mayor Mr. Lars Prier and member of the city council Mr. Hugo Hammel.

Multiple performances during Valmiera Art days

13.03.2017. 14:13

From April 1 to May 1 the annual Art days will take place in Valmiera, during which various creative events will be presented under a theme “Garden of the Art”. Telling a story without words – pantomime, Shakespeare's journey through time to study human nature, concert for children with the participation of countertenor Sergejs Jēgers and not only that is to be presented for the attendants of Art days in Valmiera.

Valmiera Summer Theater Festival this year - dedicated to families and children

02.03.2017. 14:26

Valmiera Summer Theater Festival will take place from August 4 to 6. This year it will be dedicated to families and children. Even though previously it was planned to organize the festival every second year, due to overhelming response and popularity, this year the festival's "Little Brother" will be organized - theatre celebration for families and children.

HESPI launches new website

13.03.2017. 14:19

Institute of Social, Economic and Humanities Research of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (HESPI) has launched a new website www.hespi.lv

Year 2017 - in the spirit of European Region of Gastronomy

04.11.2016. 15:44

To preserve the gastronomic traditions and the variety of local cuisine, to use local products and to promote the Gauja National Park as a tourism destination by showing to ourselves and others how rich and unique we are – those are the goals of the European Region of Gastronomy. In 2017 the Riga-Gauja region is bearing the title of European Region of Gastronomy, and it also includes Valmiera.

The nature in Latvia is not only beautiful, but also tasty. A plate served in each season has its own colours, flavours and set of vitamins. Being close to the nature is something special in Latvia. It is hard to find a forest in which during autumn you will not come across young and old mushroom “detectives”, able to notice a mushroom hiding under the colourful leaves. In summer we gather flowers and, yes, also weeds to turn them into tasty tea or even natural medicine for the harsh winter time.

More on that read HERE.

Residential apartment house is under construction

22.12.2016. 15:33

Taking into account the need for housing space in Valmiera, great project for construction of residential apartment house currently takes place in Valmiera.

In December 2016 the construction plan’s design of the building was finished. “Valmieras Namsaimnieks” Ltd. manages a joint action plan so that the water supply, electricity, heating, as well as bottom drainage system installation and yard construction would go accordingly to the plan. During the winter the construction process might have to be stopped only during the extremely cold weather.

Residential apartment house will provide 150 apartments, among them – 15 one-bedroom, 90 two bedroom and 45 three-bedroom apartments. It is also planned to have a parking space by the house for 150 cars, bikes, recreational area, children’s playground and an underground waste container shed.

Valmiera - first city in Latvia to be included in UNESCO GNLC

06.12.2016. 15:06

Valmiera is included in UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (UNESCO GNLC). Its aim is to jointly seek for solutions to globalization, urbanization, demographics and other 21st century urban development challenges. Through UNESCO GNLC Valmiera will share its experience of inclusive learning environment, educational system development and use of modern technologies in education, as well as contribute to lifelong learning culture.

Valmiera recognized as attractive city for investors

05.12.2016. 15:01

In year 2016 Business Union of Latvia together with Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development created an index “Most attractive municipality for investors” (“Investoriem draudzīgākā pašvaldība”).

Among municipalities of a national importance, Valmiera city was recognized to be the second most attractive, just after Ventspils city. Third place was taken by a capital city – Riga. This recognition assures that the municipality has invested an impressive effort in improving the business environment in the city.

Miniature houses embodies Hanseatic Spirit in Valmiera

04.10.2016. 15:17

In order to promote the Hanseatic heritage in Valmiera, since September 2016, in the territory by the Valmiera Museum there are stylized Hanseatic houses. These houses are used in various exhibitions and fairs, and they also help bring Hanseatic Spirit in Valmiera. There are exactly 8 houses, in honour of each historic Latvian Hanseatic city, including Riga, Ventspils, Kuldiga, Limbazi, Cesis, Straupe, Koknese and Valmiera.

Valmiera City Representative Office in Riga is opened

03.10.2016. 15:09

In the beginning of September 2016, Valmiera City Representative Office was opened in capital city Riga, in order to maintain the representation of Valmiera Municipality in national and international level institutions. Meanwhile, it is also a meeting place for entrepreneurs and their partners, potential investors, as well as representatives of culture, sports, education and other important sectors for Valmiera city development. Valmiera City Representative Office is led by Ms. Ieva Alhasova.