Valmiera City Festival 


This is your flight ticket for my 737th birthday party. We can't meet in large crowds in this unusual year, so I'll be very happy if you choose several destinations with me and get involved in organizing the festival yourself as well. Various surprises have been prepared - in Valmiera we will open musical airfields, boil mousses, jump around, watch balloons and be in the air together. Takeoff on July 24th.


Concerts at airfields in Valmiera

On the Saturday of my birthday, July 25, several places will turn into musical airfields. Aija Andrejeva will land there with her band, Ivo Fomins with his band, wind orchestra "Signāls" and the bigband "Valmieras puikas", as well as bands “Sudden Lights”, “Apvedceļš”, "Kantoris 04". If you dont have the chance to see the concerts in person, you will also be able to watch them live on the tv channel "ReTV" and on Valmiera's official “Facebook” page..
Another landing place on July 25 will be in the parking lot near Vidzeme Olympic center - there will be an open-air cinema evening. Also on the big screen - about and around flying.
 “Destination: Valmiera 737”

This year, the festive march will turn into a festive trip. Decorate your bicycle or car, go to the circle of honor via your chosen route in Valmiera, finish it passing the gate of honor. There will also be a photo gallery of the participants of the holiday trip. Information on what and how will follow.
Your own airplane

On July 25th, Valmiera aircraft construction workshops will be opened in the garden of Valmiera youth center “Vinda”, where planes, rockets and dragons will be built. There will be an opportunity to fly out with a drone, see the exhibition of flying objects and play a special "Higher than the ground" (game for children) game. You can start this game already - take part in the "New Inventor" competition, make a flying object (airplane, rocket, balloon, etc.), the main component of which is a PET bottle, and submit it to "Vinda" by July 17th.
Meanwhile, in the co-creation workshop DARE (Purva Street 12), everyone will have the opportunity to print a light-colored T-shirt, cloth bag, scarf, etc. with a motif on a screen printing technique on July 25.
Surprise in the air

If the weather is good, we will be able to watch balloon flights in the sky. You also have the opportunity to take off in the air - a lucky participant of the jumping around game, as well as the most resourceful participant of the photo competition “Pacelies augstāk” ("Get up higher") will spend Sunday morning, July 26th, observing Valmiera in a hot air balloon flight.
On July 25th, a special photo corner will be in the square between the shopping center "Valleta" and Valmiera Tourism information center. There will be moving pictures - of course, the main theme is still flying.
Guests will be able to move around, being in the air, by participating in an air yoga class on July 26th. Using special nets, participants will hang a little above the ground, allowing tension and daily worries to fly away.
Airy birthday dishes

During the week of my birthday, starting from July 20th, Valmiera restaurants and cafes will provide really heavenly dishes. In their offer you will find food dedicated to my anniversary. It is possible that a surprise will be waiting for you in a restaurant or cafe, complementing the birthday party. Valmiera's tourism and hospitality attractions will also celebrate my birthday and await guests.
And we are off in the air!

For the first time, my birthday party will be shown live on the TV channel "ReTV" and on Valmiera's official Facebook page, so we can celebrate together even if you are in the garden, visiting friends or eating a birthday cake in cafe in Valmiera.
On July 25, we will start the live broadcast of the festival with an awakening performed by wind orchestra members from the tower of St. Sīmanis Church in Valmiera. Afterwards, the aircraft captain Jānis Baiks will give a speech. Let's fly from one place to another, inviting you to watch it all live.
The best gift will be if you not only find time to participate in a birthday party, but you will also create a holiday feeling in your home with your family or with friends and neighbors. This year we will celebrate together, but in different places, so that the feeling of celebration is in the air all over Valmiera.
On the evening of July 25th, join the live broadcast of the party. We will start by singing the Valmiera anthem under the direction of the groups “Age of Stones”/”Džentlmeņu Špagats”, determine the winners of the competition, who will go on a hot air balloon flight, as well as there will be various surprises performed by three outstanding pilots - evening leaders.
The feeling of flying at the end of the festivities

On Sunday, July 26th, I invite you to enjoy the feeling of peace and flight in the concert “Tu Pacel Mani” ("You raise me") in Valmiera St. Sīmanis church. The listeners will be delighted with both academic repertoire and popular and loved melodies conducted by the musical trio: organist Līga Ivāne, soloist Kristīne Gailīte and saxophonist Zintis Žvarts.
I invite you to view the summary of all events in the Valmiera 737th birthday flight program on the Valmiera website www.valmiera.lv, in the section “Valmiera. Gatavi pacelties!” (“Valmiera. Ready to take off!”).

Let's be together on my birthday on July 24th-26th!

Yours truly,
Photographs and videos can be taken during the event. Photos and videos can be used for publicity purposes by the Valmiera City Municipality.