The Cabinet of Ministers has decided on the restrictions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 for after the end of the state of emergency 


On Tuesday, 9 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on further restrictions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, which will take effect starting from tomorrow, 10 June, together with the lifting of the state of emergency. The aim of the regulations is to continue preventing the spread of Covid-19 whilst ensuring a good balance with the people’s gathering rights and the opening up of the economy.


Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš emphasises: "In order to hold the spread of Covid-19 at a low rate, it is important to keep a 2 metre distance between persons even after the end of the state of emergency and, where this is not possible, to use a physical barrier such as a mouth and nose covering, mask, or plastic face-shield whenever possible for protecting both yourself and the people around you. The use of face masks is still mandatory on public transport and in health and social care facilities. Today, we are finishing one stage of our response; however, the virus unfortunately has not disappeared, so we must continue to be careful and use all of the tools that protect us, including the “Apturi Covid” app created by our entrepreneurs. I would like to thank everyone in our society, especially doctors, police officers, border guards, social care workers, and the media, for their selfless work during these difficult times.”

Currently, the virus is spreading at a low rate in Latvia and, in order to prevent a wider spread of Covid-19 in society, a number of basic health safety principles will still have to be strictly observed, including physical distancing, hygiene rules, and the close monitoring of one’s health. The regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers provide epidemiological security measures which must be observed even after the end of the emergency situation.

As of 10 June, a number of restrictions have been eased: for example, while a distance of two metres between persons must still be observed, the number of persons allowed to gather in one place has been increased to up to 100 persons indoors and 300 persons outdoors. In turn, it is now allowed for up to 30 persons to participate in an organised sports training session in one training group at the same time, subject to the size of the training venue. After the end of the state of emergency, nurseries will resume full on-site operation, while public catering establishments will have to keep ensuring a distance of two metres between the tables until 1 July with no more than four persons allowed to sit at one table indoors and no more than eight persons at one table outdoors.

A number of other conditions have also been laid down regarding international passenger transport, the tourism and travel industries, food supply chains, and conditions for isolation, home quarantine, and self-isolation, etc.

Cabinet of Ministers