Valmiera city budget – for citizens, business and urban development  


By the end of January, 2020 Valmiera city council approved the municipal budget for the year 2020. The planned income sums up to 60,85 million euros, however, the costs – 60,76 million euros.


“More and more people wishes to come and live in Valmiera. They want to live here, work here, study, launch business, raise their children and enjoy their time here. The number of children and pupils raise, therefore we have to focus on educational institutions’ adjustment to the requirements of energy efficiency. To enforce business sector and attract new investment, we have to strategically develop areas suitable for production. We also plan to finish the reconstruction of Janis Dalins Stadium and manege of light athletics. Meantime we should also see territorial changes as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. I believe we will make Valmiera even better together,” comments Mr.Jānis Baiks, Mayor of Valmiera city.

City budget for 2020 is designed to provide opportunities for improving the quality of life in education, social protection, security, the environment, sports and culture, strengthening family values and developing the urban environment. Attention will also be given to the preservation of environmental values and environmentally friendly economic activities. As part of its long-term financial policy, the municipality will continue to work on attracting the European Union structural funds and other financial instruments for the management, improvement and development of infrastructure. Attracting financial instruments to continue the construction of new apartment buildings is quite a challenging task.

Photo: Armands Miķelsons