The Valmiera Art Days will take place in April 


Art Days has been canceled to prevent the spread of the Covid-19!

Starting from April 1st until May 1st Valmiera will  be the hometown for the Art Days. This year the main theme is “Movement”, inviting everyone to experience how diverse it can be.



Movement is a process, a space, a procedure - in it we grow, run, move with time, meet, repel, change and find continuity. Movement is a process that encourages us to talk and listen, to create new forms and to fulfill - to be in motion.

Urban dancers, contemporary dance ambassadors from the USA, a unique opportunity to view an exhibition of Ilmars Blumberg's works, 16 double-bass concerts, movies and theatrel performances - these are just a few of the highlights of the magnificent Arts Days program.

The Valmiera Art Days will kick off with a movie playlist. The audience will have the opportunity to experience the creation of world-renowned art objects, the passion of Georgian dance, the brilliance of artists and the road to world-fame, love for art. The films will be screened free of charge on the evenings of April 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd in the cinema theatre “Gaisma”.

A major event in the Latvian fine arts scene will be the exhibition "Blumbergs / Kustība" by Ilmārs Blumbergs, which will be on view from April 3rd at the Museum of Valmiera, Valmiera Drama Theater and the Valmiera St. Sīmanis church. Ilmars Blumbergs, a Latvian artist, set designer, graphic artist and thinker, embodies the superhuman and real in his works, breaking down the need for time, while pointing to the fragility of human life as it flows. The format of the exhibition is also unusual - it is based on the movement of the circle, leading from one venue to the next, offering continuity and seeming permanence.

During the Valmiera Art Days, dancers and collective leaders of national and contemporary dance will gain new skills. Classical and contemporary dance masterclasses will be conducted by Latvian and American professionals in a unique collaboration between the UCSB Dance Company from the USA and the Latvian Academy of Culture contemporary dance program. Participants will develop techniques of contemporary dance, jazz, as well as of the Jose Limon contemporary dance. Dance lovers will be invited to attend the UCSB Dance Company contemporary dance concert "United in Dance" on April 23rd.

Dance has also become urban. Ballet on the Iron Bridge, an acrobat in the Kazu rapids, artistic gymnast at St. Sīmanis church in Valmiera – 13 locations in Valmiera transformed into a stage for dancers at the end of February, captured in photographs by Estonian artist Albert Kerstn. Photographs of the art project will be on display at the exhibition.

The artists will also need more than canvas. On April 25th, five new Art benches will be unveiled in Valmiera and the collection will be supplemented by paintings on benches by Pēteris Līdaka, Ieva Iltnere, Kristīne Kutepova and the students of Valmiera Design and Art school.

From April 9th until May 5th, in the Vecpuišu park the exhibition of environmental objects in the competition of art objects “Movement” organized by Valmiera Design and Art school will take place.

Meanwhile on April 17th– a special sound will be heard at the concert of the Latvian National symphony orchestra (LNSO) double bass orchestra “16 Double Basses and Alice in Wonderland”. LNSO chief double bassist Oskars Bokanovs, along with his friends from far and wide, will surprise with the double bass solo, duets, quartets and finally - the double bass orchestra. The program includes music from a variety of styles and eras - from Vivaldi to film music, from tango to Czech engravings, new works by Gundega Šmite and Dimitris Maronidis. The instrument will reveal its melodic and virtuoso strings, creating a real celebration for everyone.

On April 12th, celebrating the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven, a concert of organ music by the artist Larisa Carjkova will be performed at St. Sīmanis church.

Interested people are invited to a concert on April 14 - meeting with guitarist and composer Aivars Hermanis. Musical compositions will mix with the artist's narrative of the time when popular and rock music was born and developed in Latvia, his contemporaries, and the influence of world music.

Everyone is also invited to become not only a spectator but also a participant of Valmiera Art Days. On April 8th, guests will be able to try out the screen printing technique by creating their own special shirt design at the new co-production workshop "DARE". Meanwhile on April 19th there will be a master class for children, creating compositions from unusual material such as shadow. But what compositions the chefs create will be on display and available for tasting during the Valmiera Restaurant Week, April 18th - April 25th.

From April 1st to May 1st, Valmiera will host the Art Days, combining creative activities with the theme “Movement”. The full programme is available at the Valmiera homepage www.valmiera.lv, section “Kultūra” and also www.visit.valmiera.lv.

Valmiera Art Days are organized by the Valmiera municipality in collaboration with the Valmiera Culture centre, Museum of Valmiera, Valmiera integrated library, Valmiera Design and Art school, the union “Valmieras Attīstības aģentūra” (“Valmiera Development agency”), Valmiera Youth centre “Vinda”, Valmiera St. Sīmanis church, Valmiera Drama Theatre, Latvian Academy of Culture, the U.S. Embassy in Latvia, the Embassy of Spain in Latvia, the Goethe Institut and other partners.

Pictures and videos can be taken during events. Photos and videos can be used for publicity purposes by the Valmiera municipality.