Business award 2018

18.06.2018. 14:00

For the fourth time in a row during the fair “Vidzeme entrepreneurial days 2018” in the business forum “Business award 2018” was presented.  The municipality of Valmiera in cooperation with Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented the “Business award 2018” to five entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment representatives.

Tickets now available for the World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum

23.04.2018. 10:05

16th April, 2018: Attendees can now purchase tickets for the World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum (PLEIF), to be held on the 28th – 29th June in Valmiera. This world class Forum is dedicated to the development of international trade and industry.

The number of visitors to the Valmiera Tourism Information centre is increasing

14.03.2018. 13:00

Valmiera Tourism Information Centre (TIC) have visited more than 10,000 visitors in 2017, according to statistics collected by the Valmiera Tourism Information Centre. This indicator has grown by less than 3% and the increase in the number of visitors as a positive trend is observed annually.

Spring flavours will thrive during Valmiera Restaurant week

14.03.2018. 12:52

The fresh greenery of the spring is already under the snow, therefore the Valmiera restaurants are eager for the gourmet holiday in the city and are preparing the offer for the Valmiera Restaurant Week. This spring it will take place between 9 and 15 April.

Entrepreneurs meet the Mayor

07.03.2018. 17:49

On Friday, March the 2nd, a special meeting was held between the Mayor of Valmiera Mr Jānis Baiks, education specialists, entrepreneurs and other representatives from Valmiera and surrounding regions. This time “Afternoon with the Mayor” was dedicated mainly to education and employment topics. The main discussions were about the newest educational tendencies, cooperation opportunities between educational institutions and entrepreneurs as well as the challenges of creating, attracting and retaining talents from Valmiera and surrounding regions.

Valmiera receives prestigious Financial Times award

15.02.2018. 13:20

On February the 12th, Financial Times newspaper fDi Intelligence announced the results of the international ranking of future cities and regions of Europe. In the category of Micro European cities of future Valmiera has received the 3rd position conceding only to two Irish cities. Valmiera foreign direct investment strategy (FDI strategy) has been valued especially good, highlighting the name of Valmiera in the map of Europe.

Partner city in Germany donates to NGO “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.”

08.02.2018. 14:56

Gerry Weber sports park special raffle took place for the 16th time in Halle (Westf.), Germany where every year the income is donated to a special project that is related to Halle city. This year most of the donations will be given to NGO (Non-governmental organisation) in Valmiera “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.”

Gauja National park and Valmiera is present at tourism exhibitions in Finland and Spain

23.01.2018. 15:55

This week Gauja National park, including Valmiera, gains popularity in tourism exhibitions in Finland and Spain. These are just two tourism exhibitions, where Gauja National park, the municipalities that are in the park and the brand “Enter Gauja” will be presented this year.

Valmiera event guide 2018

09.01.2018. 16:24

In the year 2018, we invite you to visit a variety of concerts, celebrations, sports events and events related to Latvia's 100th anniversary in Valmiera city, Koceni region, Burtnieki region and Beverina region. This year is significant not only for Latvia but also for Valmiera because on July Valmiera is celebrating its 735th anniversary with a wide range of interesting events.

First time at Halle Christmas market

29.12.2017. 15:04

For the first time in annual Christmas market in Halle (Westf.), Germany, a delegation and a stand from Valmiera were present. Patterned gloves and socks from Valmiera were the most popular things but also different kinds of foods and drinks were admired amongst the market visitors. And in the spare time between trading with the goods, there were a lot of sincere and warm welcoming from locals who had some kind of relation to Latvia.

Guests from Croatia are introduced to Valmiera capital companies

28.12.2017. 11:07

On 7th of December a delegation from state administration of Croatia visited Valmiera municipality within the Twining project "Further development of internal control systems and working methodologies" in order to get acquainted with Valmiera practice in managing shared capital companies and its control systems.

Gaining experience to strategically create innovation environment

22.12.2017. 13:48

Vidzeme planning region (VPR) together with eight other countries is actively working in European level partnerships, where within Interreg Europe program 2014. – 2020. INNO INFRA SHARE (Strategies for using European Research and Innovation Infrastructure) project is realized. This project helps to improve entrepreneur access to European Research and Innovation Infrastructure.

Meeting with entrepreneurs

20.12.2017. 17:37

First time in Valmiera a special “Afternoon with the mayor” was held on November 24th during which entrepreneurs were invited to meet with Valmiera city, Koceni, Burtnieki and Beverina regional mayors to discuss current issues. The aim of the meeting was to promote entrepreneur involvement and awareness of actualities in municipalities as well as encouraging discussions between entrepreneurs. Municipal level activities and decisions have an important role also in the business processes, therefore,  mayors introduced entrepreneurs to upcoming investment projects, events, and purchases as well as invited them to involve in these activities.

Delegation from Valmiera gains experience in Nordic countries

24.11.2017. 16:02

From November 6th to November 16th the head of Valmiera education board Iveta Paze, deputy chairwomen of Valmiera education board Velga Malkanle, educational specialist Inga Rokpelne, headmaster of Valmiera State gymnasium Arturs Skrastins, headmaster of Valmiera Viesturs Secondary school Uldis Jansons, head of Valmiera development agency Ilze Eglaja visited Hoje – Taastrup in Denmark and Kuopio in Finland. The visit took place within Nordic-Baltic mobility program as a project “Exchange of experiences about local educational administration: Good examples in education field during the times of change”.

Russian Ambassador visits Latvia

24.11.2017. 11:36

On 23rd of November Evgeny Lukyanov the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Latvia had an official visit in Valmiera to discuss the co-operation between municipalities of Valmiera and the Russian Federation in the fields of culture, education, business and other fields as well as potential solutions for reorganizing  Valmiera memorial to the soldiers who died in World War II.

VUAS international week brings together foreign guest lecturers

29.11.2017. 10:52

From 27th of November till 1st of December guest lecturers from Finland, Moldova, Belarus, Sweden, Albania and Kirgizstan where welcomed to an international teaching week which took place at Vidzeme University of Applied sciences (VUAS).

Valmiera to be awarded for regional entrepreneurship promotion

28.11.2017. 17:53

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in cooperation with planning regions of Latvia launched a competition for municipalities in order to identify the most successful Latvian regions who within their budget have implemented various support measures for promoting entrepreneurship. At the end of the competition regions were awarded with prices. Analysing the competition results in Vidzeme region awards were given to Valmiera city municipality, Pargauja region municipality, Smiltene region municipality.

Ltd. “VALPRO” awarded as “Best Employer of Vidzeme”

14.11.2017. 17:20

At 10th of November 2017 a special ceremony took place at the house of Riga Latvian Society where Latvian Employers Confederation Annual Awards 2017 were presented. The awards were sorted in 11 different categories one of which was Best Employer of the year. This year Ltd. “VALPRO” got the award as the best Employer 2017 at the region of Vidzeme.

Valmiera introduces the principles of smart city

31.10.2017. 17:27

The rapid development of technologies and lifestyle have changed the perception about classical cities, their importance and advantages in individual lives. This is the main reason why the idea of smart cities is gaining more and more interest. Smart cities like Valmiera, Jelgava and Sigulda and their municipalities are following international tendencies and providing more efficient, safer and modern everyday life.

ZAOO receives new ISO standard certificate

27.10.2017. 17:04

SIA ZAAO (ZAAO) has received new ISO standard certificate, which certify that the implemented and maintained management system by ZAAO complies with the international standards LVS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and LVS EN ISO 14001: 2015, and indicates a quality and environmentally friendly company.