Tickets now available for the World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum 


16th April, 2018: Attendees can now purchase tickets for the World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum (PLEIF), to be held on the 28th – 29th June in Valmiera. This world class Forum is dedicated to the development of international trade and industry.


The Forum will be led by, and discussions will feature, business professionals of Latvian extraction, who will share their international business experience to provide insights to new business development and the establishment of export markets.

The program will include practical examples for attracting capital investment and appropriate human resources, an introduction to specific foreign markets, a “Speed Contact Exchange”, a trade display to highlight some of the most successful Latvian businesses, as well as informative site visits to selected businesses in the Vidzeme region.

The timing of this Forum is particularly relevant given that Latvia is currently host to the development of a range of value-added products that have great potential for growth and international distribution. Apart from products, Latvia has an ever-growing number of manufacturers who have reached the production capacity to drive them to seek and develop new and extended markets. Latvia is also a country which is currently experiencing huge growth in the development of new and innovative products which require the injection of both financial and intellectual capital to bring them to market. This Forum provides a unique opportunity, not only to celebrate and draw inspiration from the achievements of other entrepreneurs, but also to establish important contacts and facilitate effective entry into new export markets.

PLEIF 2018 is an official Centenary of Latvia event. Further information on the Forum, and tickets for this event can be obtained on our web-page: http://ieguldilatvija.lv/.

The forum is jointly organised by: The World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA), The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Latvia, Valmiera City Council and the Valmiera Development Agency.

This will be the fifth World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum. Previous such forums have been held in Latvia, Australia and the U.S.A.. This will be the first Latvian economic forum on this scale to be held outside of the capital city, Rīga.