Entrepreneurs meet the Mayor 


On Friday, March the 2nd, a special meeting was held between the Mayor of Valmiera Mr Jānis Baiks, education specialists, entrepreneurs and other representatives from Valmiera and surrounding regions. This time “Afternoon with the Mayor” was dedicated mainly to education and employment topics. The main discussions were about the newest educational tendencies, cooperation opportunities between educational institutions and entrepreneurs as well as the challenges of creating, attracting and retaining talents from Valmiera and surrounding regions.


Offered education

Three special guests were leaders from Valmiera education institutions – Rector of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Mr Gatis Krūmiņš, Headmistress of Valmiera Vocational Training Center Ms Vineta Melngārša and Headmistress of Valmiera Secondary School of Art Ms Iveta Gudeta. They presented the actual educational programmes of institutions, actualities and the opportunities that the educational institutions can provide for the local businesses.

The knowledge of scholars and teachers was highlighted as one of the best cooperation opportunity. Both material and technical qualities of educational institutions in Valmiera (laboratories, equipment, facilities and machines) are wildly available for business development. It is used to accomplish prototype, product, design, research, laboratory experiments for the use of various entrepreneurial activities as well as developing internships and special education programmes for the development of future talents and workforce.

Future challenges in education

This year “Afternoon with the Mayor” started with a presentation on latest actualities and tendencies in the field of education from the Mayor. The Mayor highlighted the trends of future education in Europe and Latvia analysing the role of natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the context of Valmiera city development.

After the presentation, the auditory had a wider discussion among educational specialists and entrepreneurs where several conclusions were mentioned. The importance of technical knowledge inducing STEM in schools and the extra curriculum was emphasised as well as the necessary characteristics of the 21st century for example problem solving, critical and logical thinking, communication, learning, human resource management, creativity and others.

Vocation school importance, reputation, quality and offered educational programmes was a topic of discussions regarding the specialists that Valmiera Vocational Training Centre is already providing. Also the necessity of strengthening the relations between the educational institutions and regional businesses as well as carrier development and guidance were few of other conclusions.

“Afternoon with the Mayor” was organised by Valmiera Developing agency and Valmiera municipality. Referring to attendance and interest of entrepreneurs, the "Afternoon with the Mayor" will also be organized in the nearest future in order to jointly discuss current trends and business issues in Valmiera and Latvia.