Partner city in Germany donates to NGO “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.” 


Gerry Weber sports park special raffle took place for the 16th time in Halle (Westf.), Germany where every year the income is donated to a special project that is related to Halle city. This year most of the donations will be given to NGO (Non-governmental organisation) in Valmiera “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.”


Gerry Weber sports park commercial director Thorsten Liebich expressed his happiness and said that this year they have raised a good sum of money and he is delighted that they can divert this money to a good and important cause.

Halle city council in good cooperation with Gerry Weber sports park decided that this year they want to donate also to a good cause in twining town Valmiera. Discussing current actualities, events and problems in Valmiera city, representatives from Halle (Westf.), Valmiera city and Gerry Weber Sports Park decided that the majority of the funds  (1200 EUR) will be donated to NGO “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.” The representatives of the sports park were especially interested in one of the main goals of the association - to support talented children in Valmiera Music School whose families have limited material resources by donating new musical instruments to them.

“The NGO “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai.” was founded in 2017 after the first initiative of parents of kids learning in Valmiera Music School. Since then the cooperation has been very successful and we are pleased that there are more and more people who want to support music especially children's musical development. We are very grateful to Halle (Westf.) City council and Gerry Weber sports park in Germany for the generous donation. We have decided that we would use your donation to buy a new drum kit for a wise student that’s learning to play drums in our professional orientation education program. We hope that we will be able to give this gift on 4th of March at our concert “LOVE” in Valmiera Drama theatre” says Inese Sudraba, director of the Valmiera Music School.

Cooperation between Valmiera and Halle (Westf.) began in 1992. Since then, various cooperation projects in the fields of education, culture, social care, medicine, environmental protection etc. have been done