First time at Halle Christmas market  


For the first time in annual Christmas market in Halle (Westf.), Germany, a delegation and a stand from Valmiera were present. Patterned gloves and socks from Valmiera were the most popular things but also different kinds of foods and drinks were admired amongst the market visitors. And in the spare time between trading with the goods, there were a lot of sincere and warm welcoming from locals who had some kind of relation to Latvia.


This time in the 25 hours long trip from Valmiera to Halle went our Valmiera museum leading researcher Liene Rokpelne, Vidzeme University of Applied sciences event manager Elina Sokolova-Luca, Valmiera Vocational Training Centre food technologist Janis Kalpaks and the driver Agris Rocis with a minivan full of goods from Valmiera and close regions from non-governmental organizations and educational institutions

“During these three days, Valmiera stand was always full of people interested in purchasing. Not only we sold our prepared goods but also told people about Latvia and Valmiera, explained about tourism options here and invited them to visit us. In some cases, we felt like even filling the duty of psychologists because a lot of people from Halle wanted to talk about their memories of Latvia and Valmiera and some of the conversations were very emotional. The most memorable case would off course be seeing and having a conversation with the grandson of the famous German-Baltic architect Wilhelm Bockslaff” explained Liene Rokpelne.

Valmiera presented production from “Valmiermuiza beer”, Ltd. “Svenne” candles, beauty products from “ArtTerrace”, “Vaidava Ceramics” production, “R Chocolate”, “Dita sweets”, vine from “Matilde”, handmade goods from folk art group “Valmiera”, warming products from Valmiera retired people organization “Atsperiens”, gifts from “Iespeju tilts”, works from “Valmiera Art school”,  tasty goods from Valmiera Vocational Training Centre as well as beauty products from SPA centre “Liga”.

Valmiera market stand was visited by Halle (Westf.) mayor Ms Anna Roderbrok – Veselman and her husband Mr Diter Bar as well as Ms Silvan Kreier who is one of the main responsible for Valmiera and Giterslo centre cooperation in the field of art. The delegation from Valmiera is also sending big thanks to Ina Schmal who is in charge of international relations and friend cities.

Halle (Westf.) is an official twinning city to Valmiera from the year 2011 but the whole region of Giterslo celebrated the 25 friendship anniversary with Valmiera.