Gaining experience to strategically create innovation environment  


Vidzeme planning region (VPR) together with eight other countries is actively working in European level partnerships, where within Interreg Europe program 2014. – 2020. INNO INFRA SHARE (Strategies for using European Research and Innovation Infrastructure) project is realized. This project helps to improve entrepreneur access to European Research and Innovation Infrastructure.


During the project, Vidzeme has already hosted its second meeting with regional research and science representatives and members of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. The main focus was on preconditions for a successful innovation ecosystem and the visit of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences mechatronics, electronics and virtual and augmented reality laboratories.

Participants of the meeting shared their foreign experience and agreed that in order of Vidzeme region development it is substantially important to strategically progress innovation ecosystem in the region by learning from the good foreign experience. Within the project already two meetings have been held in Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Czech Republic. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and Environment Solution Institute were three of participants who had the unique opportunity to get to know various methods of research and innovation infrastructures.

During the peer review meeting in Czech Republic, a common interest was found to enhance relations between Vidzeme Planning region and Tartu research and innovation region. Specialisation fields, among these regions, have been identified where productive cooperation could exist for example IT technology and bioeconomic fields. That is the main reason why in next year’s project INNO INFRA SHARE will be cooperating in some events.