Meeting with entrepreneurs  


First time in Valmiera a special “Afternoon with the mayor” was held on November 24th during which entrepreneurs were invited to meet with Valmiera city, Koceni, Burtnieki and Beverina regional mayors to discuss current issues. The aim of the meeting was to promote entrepreneur involvement and awareness of actualities in municipalities as well as encouraging discussions between entrepreneurs. Municipal level activities and decisions have an important role also in the business processes, therefore,  mayors introduced entrepreneurs to upcoming investment projects, events, and purchases as well as invited them to involve in these activities.


The head of Valmiera development agency Ilze Eglaja presented results of Valmiera and local region entrepreneurial survey which gives an insight into current events and trends in the business environment as well as evaluation of municipality work. The final results of the survey are published in www.developvalmiera.lv where a lot of information about entrepreneurial activities and projects are published. The mayors of municipalities Janis Baiks, Janis Olmanis, Maris Zvirbulis, Guntars Strombergs informed entrepreneurs about accomplishments and planned projects as well as actively participated in the discussions and answered questions about actual topics in Valmiera and nearest regions.

Most actively discussed topic and interest was showed about Valmiera local government planned grant competition which was also awarded 5390 EUR from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in competition “Regional government support methods to entrepreneurial promotion”. In this municipal grant competition, Valmiera entrepreneurs will be able to receive financial support to develop and promote new products.

More than 80 entrepreneurs participated in “Afternoon with the mayor” which shows their interest in municipal level activities and decisions that’s why this event will be organized also in the future.