Delegation from Valmiera gains experience in Nordic countries 


From November 6th to November 16th the head of Valmiera education board Iveta Paze, deputy chairwomen of Valmiera education board Velga Malkanle, educational specialist Inga Rokpelne, headmaster of Valmiera State gymnasium Arturs Skrastins, headmaster of Valmiera Viesturs Secondary school Uldis Jansons, head of Valmiera development agency Ilze Eglaja visited Hoje – Taastrup in Denmark and Kuopio in Finland. The visit took place within Nordic-Baltic mobility program as a project “Exchange of experiences about local educational administration: Good examples in education field during the times of change”.



The main purposes of the exchange trip were to gain knowledge about educational management in the context of fast developing regions in the participating countries and to see the newest educational innovations. Furthermore, our delegation was introduced to problem-solving methods in partner country educational systems. 

    During the exchange visit, the delegation from Valmiera was introduced to actualities in the field of education in partner municipalities. They had multiple arrangements with regional specialists and a wider introduction to educational systems in Denmark and Finland. During the visit, various discussions took place to consider national educational systems, the role and duties of involved structures as well as cooperation between different elements in this system. The experience and understanding were expanded in questions like the professional development of teachers, evaluation and motivation of teachers and headmasters as well as overall educational quality evaluation, cooperation opportunities, innovations in education, working with kids with special needs, career education and the importance of studying environment.

    Participants of the project admitted that it was profoundly important and interesting to get to know Finland’s educational e-environment where lessons are planned and the whole teaching process is organized as well as the digital e-exam system. They also emphasized the important visit to a new school in Kuopio, Finland which is built in a modern manner with studying friendly environment.

    “Our main goal is to enhance education service quality in Valmiera likewise developing and promoting the cooperation between municipalities, entrepreneurs, and schools. During the visit, we concluded that we have a similar approach to educational innovations as Nordic countries. We can learn from partners in Denmark and Finland to provide more qualified education, development of more personalized learning and promotion of motivation to learn. The Nordic-Baltic mobility program gave us the opportunity to get to know project partner experience and discuss the challenges as well as new innovative ideas and improvements” the head of Valmiera education board Iveta Paze.