Multiple performances during Valmiera Art days


From April 1 to May 1 the annual Art days will take place in Valmiera, during which various creative events will be presented under a theme “Garden of the Art”. Telling a story without words – pantomime, Shakespeare's journey through time to study human nature, concert for children with the participation of countertenor Sergejs Jēgers and not only that is to be presented for the attendants of Art days in Valmiera.


In April 5 in Valmiera Drama Theatre Spanish master of pantomime, director and actor Carlos Martinez with the show “Time to Celebrate” will celebrate his 35th year anniversary on the stage. The main message of the performance – silence speaks as well. The show will lead everyone on a cheerful journey, calling for overcoming the boundaries of silence and indulging the unstoppable fantasies.

In April 8 in Valmiera Drama Theatre, based on William Shakespeare’s play “Richard III” motives, director David Giovanzana will offer a show “Richard III. Blind intestine”. The performance will include existential questions on the human nature – what makes you strive for the power and dominance? The parallel story is going to be about the manipulation in a wider sense: does theatre manipulate with the viewer? Director – with the actor? Author – with the society?

There will be various other performances. See more on the programme of the Art Days in Valmiera here:

Photo: From performance "Richard III. Blind intestine"