The biggest event for entrepreneurs “Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ days 2020”!

28.08.2020. 19:16

The Vidzeme regional branch of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK), the largest business association in Latvia, together with the Valmiera city municipality is organizing the “Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ days 2020”, held in Valmiera on September 18th from 10am until 6pm and on September 19th from 8:30am until 4pm.


Valmiera City Festival

20.07.2020. 11:33

This is your flight ticket for my 737th birthday party. We can't meet in large crowds in this unusual year, so I'll be very happy if you choose several destinations with me and get involved in organizing the festival yourself as well. Various surprises have been prepared - in Valmiera we will open musical airfields, boil mousses, jump around, watch balloons and be in the air together. Takeoff on July 24th.

The Hanseatic market is open for business in the center of Valmiera

03.07.2020. 10:50

From June 18th, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on other specially designated days, the Valmiera Hanseatic Market will take place in the city center by organizing thematic markets. Local producers from Valmiera, Beverīna, Burtnieki, Kocēni, Naukšēni, Mazsalaca, Rūjiena, Strenči counties, craftsmen or local producers will offer their products and products there.

Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon - Turning ideas into reality

03.07.2020. 10:23

The Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon was held on June 27 and 28, seeking to improve existing services and develop new products to attract Estonian and Latvian tourists to Valmiera. Working together with representatives from various industries, ten great ideas were developed over 24 hours.

June 27 and 28: Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon

16.06.2020. 10:49

In order to enhance the existing tourism offer and generate new offers for the attraction of tourists from Estonia and Latvia, we kindly invite enthusiasts and experts, patriots and friends of Valmiera – representatives of information and communication technology, marketing, design and tourism industries, to reserve June 27 and 28 and join a 24h hackathon.   

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided on the restrictions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 for after the end of the state of emergency

11.06.2020. 14:29

On Tuesday, 9 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on further restrictions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, which will take effect starting from tomorrow, 10 June, together with the lifting of the state of emergency. The aim of the regulations is to continue preventing the spread of Covid-19 whilst ensuring a good balance with the people’s gathering rights and the opening up of the economy.

Enjoy a scenic cycling route in the nearby areas of Valmiera

22.05.2020. 16:11

At a time when blooming spring and warm sun rays encourage you to go outdoors, the Valmiera Tourism information center in cooperation with the Beverīna county municipality has marked the whole scenic “Puspedālis” route of the beloved bicycle and film festival "Kinopedālis" from 2019. It leads along the landscapes of Valmiera and Beverīna counties for almost 25 kilometers.



The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted changes in the regulations on the procedure for movement of persons between the Baltic States

18.05.2020. 11:00

On Thursday, 14 May, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted changes in the regulations on the procedure for movement of persons between the Baltic States, on the organisation of entertainment events for children, and on the control mechanism for persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 and their contact persons.

The Cabinet of Ministers prolonged the emergency situation until 9 June

08.05.2020. 19:23

On Thursday, 7 May, the Cabinet of Ministers prolonged the emergency situation until 9 June, at the same time adopting the decision regarding gradual cancellation or easing of certain restrictions. Strict adherence to all physical distancing and epidemiological safety measures on a daily basis in all areas will continue to be a prerequisite for reducing these restrictions.

Government extends state of emergency until 12 May

30.04.2020. 13:32

The government is continuing its efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and prevent the associated risks. The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the duration of emergency situation, and has adopted a number of decisions in addition to already effective measures, thereby ensuring the work and cooperation between the State, local governments and other service providers during the crisis. Decisions on the extension of restrictions have been taken in accordance with the recommendations of epidemiologists, and aim to protect public health and security.

The government has decided to extend the precautionary and security measures during the emergency situation

16.03.2020. 12:00

The government has decided to extend the precautionary and security measures during the emergency situation in order to prevent more effectively the spread of COVID-19 in Latvia. The restrictions will affect the work of educational establishments, public assembly, movement outside the state borders and other areas.


More than 800 000 EUR brought to Vidzeme economy after European BMX Championship

12.03.2020. 08:22

The 2019 European BMX Championship, held from July 11 to 14 in Valmiera, attracted 815 000 EUR to Valmiera and surrounding districts, including 501 000 EUR foreign financial resources.

Co-creation workshop space “DARE” - creative ideas and new opportunities

12.03.2020. 08:15

In the end of february, 2020, co-creation workshop space “DARE” was opened in Valmiera. Its’ purpose is to provide an opportunity for everyone interested to use modern tools, equipment, cozy facilities and technical support to work on new products, their prototypes and various creative projects. The DARE facilities also have a production line simulation tool for analyzing production processes.

World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum brings valuable conclusions

26.11.2019. 08:13

World Latvian Economic and Innovation Forum (PLEIF) has passed and, hopefully, the discussions that took place in it, are going to be heard nationally as well, so that Latvia brand and our common economic development would be supported from state as well, told Kristīne Saulītis, Head of The World Federation of Free Latvians (PBLA).

Reconstruction of this Janis Dalins stadium and construction of athletics hall - in process

11.03.2020. 16:58

Celebrating the 115th anniversary of Janis Dalins, the construction of an ambitions, state-of-the-art athletics hall in line with international standards and the rebuilding of Janis Dalins Stadium continues in Valmiera. The plan is to make it more comfortable for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The event guide for the year 2020 has been released

23.01.2020. 18:27

The new year has begun with new events – the Valmiera Tourism information Centre in cooperation with the counties of Beverīna, Burtnieki and Kocēni has released the 2020 Event guide, composed of exciting events for everyone. We welcome guests from near and far in cultural, educational, recreational events and festivals. Every month will surprise with special events for both children and adults.

The Valmiera Art Days will take place in April

11.03.2020. 11:59

Art Days has been canceled to prevent the spread of the Covid-19!

Starting from April 1st until May 1st Valmiera will  be the hometown for the Art Days. This year the main theme is “Movement”, inviting everyone to experience how diverse it can be.

The activity of travelers in Valmiera is increasing

11.03.2020. 12:02

In Valmiera tourist accommodation in 2019 increased by 9.95% in comparison to the year 2018. The total number of beds provided to tourists during the year has also increased by 4.61%, according to the statistics for the year 2019 gathered by the Valmiera Tourism information centre (Valmiera TIC).

Valmiera city budget – for citizens, business and urban development

31.01.2020. 12:31

By the end of January, 2020 Valmiera city council approved the municipal budget for the year 2020. The planned income sums up to 60,85 million euros, however, the costs – 60,76 million euros.

Representatives from US Embassy visit Valmiera

11.02.2020. 12:25

When visiting various state level institutions in Latvia, you often hear Valmiera be titled as a success story in relation to economic growth. Why? That was the question that Mr. Andrew Bury, Deputy Head of the Commercial Department of the US Embassy in Riga and his colleague, Ms. Alina Jefremova, Economic Specialist in embassy took to Valmiera visit to find an answer for.