Vocational education

Vocational education in Valmiera is offered by the following institutions:

  • Valmiera Art Secondary School (http://www.vmv.lv). Offers professional secondary education in textile and clothing design, advertising design, interior design and professionally oriented program „Visually plastic arts”
  • Valmiera Vocational Secondary School (http://www.valmierastehnikums.lv). Offers  professional education in Hospitality Services, Catering Services, Accounting, Logistics, Retail Commerce, Cooking, Mechatronics and other fields
  • Valmiera Children s Sports School (http://vbss.valmiera.lv). Offers professional sports education in swimming, athletics, ice-hockey, basketball, orienteering sports, football, BMX and floorball
  • Valmiera Music School (vms.valmiera.lv). Offers in total 18 licenced professional education programms in keyboard performance (piano, accordion), string instrument perfomance (violin, cello, viola, harp, guitar), wind instrument performance (flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombune, euphony, tuba), vocal music (choir), as well as in informal education programs: 3-5y.o. children musical education, preparation class in music, instrument performance, 2 year program on musical education for preparatory class, pop-music singing, Music writing and working with software Sibeliuss, sound processing and music production.