Informal education

In order to ensure complete leisure opportunities for children and young people in Valmiera, there is a variety of interest-related education programs provided in the city. They are offered by pre-school and secondary school educational institutions, Valmiera Youth Centre „Vinda”, Valmiera Music School, Valmiera Children s Sports School and Valmiera Art School.

Informal education in Valmiera is provided in following fields:

  • Cultural education (dance, music, folklore, visual and visually plastic arts, theater and creative industries)
  • Technical creativity (miniature automodelism, miniature avio and rocket modelism, computer science, modelism of the railway technique, construction and technical modelism, ship and jacht modelism, agricultural technique modelism)
  • Informal education on environmental issues
  • Sports (board games, individual sports, sport games, technical sports)
  • Other (languages, debating, research, creative youth iniciatives, handicraft, new guards, young entrepreneurship, etc.)