A full cycle education is provided in Valmiera – starting from pre-schools until higher education and lifelong education institutions, that allows Valmiera to proudly provide the entrepreneurs with qualified, valuable workforce.

City provides full-range of education:
  • 8 Kindergartens;
  • 2 Primary Schools;
  • 4 Secondary Schools, including special education for disabled children;
  • 2 State Gymnasiums;
  • Valmiera Music School;
  • Valmiera Sports School;
  • Valmiera Youth Centre "Vinda";
  • Valmiera School of Design and Art;
  • Valmiera Vocational Education and Training School;
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences;
  • Lifelong learning.

In the academic year 2019/2020, 1625 children attended preschool educational institutions in Valmiera and 4084 students attended general education institutions.

Residents of Valmiera are proud of the high quality education offered by the education establishments in Valmiera, which are proven in various state competitions and Olympiads.

The local government invests significantly into the development of the educational infrastructure. More than 50% of Valmiera annual budget is spent on a development of education in the city.

In Year 2016 Valmiera was included in UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (UNESCO GNLC). Its aim is to jointly seek for solutions to globalization, urbanization, demographics and other 21st century urban development challenges. Through UNESCO GNLC Valmiera will share its experience of inclusive learning environment, educational system development and use of modern technologies in education, as well as contribute to lifelong learning culture.

In case of any education-in-Valmiera related issue, please, contact Department of Education in Valmiera Municipality. Please find the contacts below.

Valmiera Department of Education
Lāčplēša 2, Valmiera
E-mail: solvita.andzane@valmiera.lv
Phone: +371