Valmiera industrial park

For the needs of the industrial park a convenient location with well-established infrastructure has been chosen. It is located close to the A3 highway (by the detour P18 and regional road P20). Also a railway line goes through the territory.

Furthermore companies located there will have a possibility to connect to 110 and 330 kilovolt electricity line and very close to the area a medium pressure gas distribution pipeline is located. It is easy and convenient to connect the area to the centralized water supply and sewerage system. For the potential investors fully prepared areas for manufacturing facilities will be offered. The industrial park can be seen as an extension of the current industrial area.

By creating the industrial park Valmiera will more effectively use its territorial capital, particularly, its favourable geographic location. It should be noted, that Valmiera is located close to the Estonian and Russian border, it is well connected with Riga, has well-established infrastructure, natural resources and skilled labour force. Furthermore Valmiera can provide excellent base to carry out research work. All entrepreneurs can expect receiving guidance and support from the local government.