Municipal support

Entrepreneurs and companies in Valmiera are eligible for the following discounts on the real estate tax amount:

  • A 25% discount on:
    • Industrial production buildings owned by companies and actually used for basic production
    • Newly built or reconstructed buildings actually used for economic activity (for 1 year),
    • Buildings owned by active start-up businesses who have created at least five new jobs.
  • A 90% discount on an industrial production building currently under construction or a newly erected building.
  • A 70% discount on an industrial production building which is under reconstruction or may not be used during reconstruction until the commissioning of the facility.

For further information regarding the terms of real estate tax relief, please, write to the e-mail address: pasts@valmiera.lv.

Apart from tax relief, Valmiera municipality ensures other support mechanisms for entrepreneurs as well, including consultating and support services to new entrepreneurs, providing information on land areas and facilities to start entrepreneurship, maintaining the city infrastructure that benefits the business, and above all that – the city provides skilled and motivated labor force as well as research institutions for helping business to develop.

For more information on how Valmiera municipality supports entrepreneurs in the the city – please, contact International Relations Coordinator in Valmiera Municipality Mrs. Elīna Rubule, e-mail: elina.rubule@valmiera.lv; T.+371 26 636 568.