Current investment practice in Valmiera

Valmiera is recognized to be one of the most attractive municipalities for investors in Latvia. This recognition is a proof that the municipality has invested an impressive effort in improving the business environment in the city.

According to the Lursoft database in October 26th 2016:

TOP foreign investor countries in Valmiera are as follows:

  1. Germany – EUR 31,03 M (invested in 9 companies)
  2. Sweden – EUR 6,62  M (invested in 15 companies)
  3. Russian Federation – EUR 3,54 M (invested in 16 companies)
  4. Estonia – 0,49 M (invested in 32 companies)
  5. Republic of Seychelle – 0,05 M (invested in 2 companies)

TOP foreign investors by company are as follows:

  1. Virtulan International GmbH (Germany) – EUR 12,11 M (in JSC „Valmiera Glass” – textile and chemical industry)
  2. P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz (Germany) – EUR 8,73 M (in JSC „Valmiera Glass” – textile and chemical industry)
  3. P-D Management Industries Technologies GmbH (Germany) – EUR 8 M (in JSC „Valmiera Glass” – textile and chemical industry)
  4. Livland Skog AB (Sweden) – EUR 4,11 M („Sundin Mežs” Ltd. – Forestry, silviculture)
  5. Preiss-Damler Beatrix (Germany) – EUR 1,71 M („V.L.T.” Ltd. – Paper and cardboard production)