According to the sustainable development strategy of Valmiera city (2015-2030):

Long term development strategy of Valmiera city is based on three values, which are closely connected with the strategic aims of the city: residents, entrepreneurship and urban environment.

Valmiera – a dynamic, environmentally friendly, excellence, innovation and hospitality driven city where every individual’s development, family well-being and the overall entrepreneurship environment is supported.

Valmiera thinks and creates!

Vision – Valmiera in 2030

Average resident of the city is well-educated, active, lives healthy and environmentally friendly life-style; is self-confident and proud of the city and the country where he or she lives in. Employment, accommodation, health care and social services are available. The population has increased. The city is proud of its urban environment, which is family-friendly and safe. The overall well-being of the residents has increased. It is possible to attend competitive and all-round education establishments and acquire good all-level education. The city is recognized by high quality cultural and sports events, as well as varied tourism and active recreation offer. Valmiera is a centre of development of a state significance, which simultaneously enhances development of the whole Vidzeme region. Economic growth, development of competitive entrepreneurship and attraction of investments has been fostered by the favourable preconditions within the city. Valmiera is an industrial, yet a green city with an innovative, environmentally friendly and balanced entrepreneurship and urban environment. The urban environment is qualitative and attractive, which facilitates demand for various tourism services, enhances sense of belongingness and promotes entrepreneurial activity.

Valmiera with its rapid growth as an industrial city, at the same time remaining as one of the greenest cities in Latvia, has proved, that sustainable development is possible if it is based on principles of consistency of interests and partnership. Namely, there is a close cooperation between the local government, enterprises and residents. Furthermore the EU funding is attracted to carry out long-term projects which are necessary for the residents, economy and urban environment.