Cultural facilities in Valmiera

Valmiera Drama Theatre
Due to its artistic qualities and strong traditions of performing art as well as openness to new impulses and international contacts, Valmiera Drama Theatre has not only become one of the central axes of Vidzeme professional culture life, but is also considered to be one of the leading theatres in Latvia. Furthermore, step by step the name of Valmiera Theatre appears more often on the international level.

Valmiera Culture centre
Valmiera Culture centre is the biggest indoor event place in Valmiera. It is located in the city centre. Three different size halls are available for events. The Great Hall of the Valmiera Culture centre is a suitable venue for larger events, as it can accommodate up to 700 people. In the Great Hall of the Valmiera Drama Theatre events for 443 spectators can be held. For classical music concerts more often the Great Hall of the Valmiera 5th Secondary School or the St. Simon’s Church is used. Large number of visitors can be accommodated also by the Vidzeme Olympic centre, making it a suitable venue for leisure and culture events.

Valmiera Integrated library
Valmiera Integrated library is a new form of cooperation between city municipality and regional university. 

Valmiera Museum
Valmiera Museum is located in eight buildings within the area of the Valmiera castle ruins. The ensemble on Bruņinieku Street is a national archeological monument – Valmiera Old Town. Museum offers permanent expositions and exhibition halls with art, history or special exhibitions. Museum also offers guided tours, educational programs and wedding programs.

Art „Gallery Laipa”
“Valmiera thinks and creates” is the motto of the city and the art gallery “Laipa” undoubtedly justifies it. The goal of the gallery is to promote different artistic manifestations in Vidzeme Region as well as their accessibility to the local people. It bridges the gap between the daily routine and art, acting as a place for a different world. It is a place where one can hide away from the social frames that everyday duties put us in, and find a way to develop us in all possible cultural spheres – to master the processes of making art, history of culture, music, fashion and other creative activities.

Gallery „Leduspagrabs”
Art gallery that is located within the territory of Valmiera State Gymnasium. Various thematical exhibitions are displayed there.