Valmiera slogan is evergreen city, it includes well-being, joy of life and preservation of nature values.

Environment in Valmiera is best characterized by the following facts:

  • 1/3 nature territories or 548ha green areas and nature territories
  • 479,65ha forests
  • 4,6% water bodies
  • 9,42 ha specially protected forest areas

Waste water

  • Implementing EU structural funds and Ltd. „Valmiera Water” financing 99% of heat-networks in Valmiera are reconstructed
  • Environmental education
  • Binding regulations

Waste management

  • landfill „Daibe”
  • tours to landfill
  • Ltd. „ZAAO”
  • campaigns (spring cleaning, chipping, autumn leaves, bulky waste)

Renewable energy resources

  • biomass boiler house
  • 81% renewable energy resources (wood chips) in heat production

Until the end of year 2020 continues new woodchip boiler house building

Climate changes

  • Insulation of apartment houses (~48%); educational institutions; industrial buildings
  • Implementation of energy-efficient street lightning
  • street reconstruction projects. Latest - Valmiera western industrial highway (2,07km) and Cempu un Paula Valdena street
  • 22,02km cycling-pedestrian paths (2020)
  • 9 Eco Schools from preschool to higher education level (2020)
  • Green thinking, rules and activities during city festival and other events

Environmental policy

  • guidelines of „Green office” (waste sorting points, guidelines, audit)
  • environmental statement/declaration (approved in council 29.01.2015,electronic signing for Valmiera people and companies)
  • promotion of healthy life-style (with well-developed sport infrastructure)
  • environmental awareness
  • sustainable urban development

On 29th of January 2015 Valmiera City Council adopted the ENVIRONMENTAL DECLARATION OF VALMIERA CITY, which is an act of good will to develop the city on a sustainable manner.  (211.62 KB)