Facts and figures

Geographic location
Area: city – 19,35 km2
Population – 24 879 (as of 1 February 2020, data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration)

Distance to:

  • Rīga International Airport – 120 km
  • Rīga – 107 km
  • Rīga harbour – 109 km
  • Ventspils harbour – 300 km
  • Liepāja harbour – 330 km
  • Lithuanian border – 190 km
  • Estonian border – 50 km
  • Russian border – 130 km
  • Belarusian border - 275 km

Main traffic junctions:
Rīga–Valmiera–Valka–Tartu (Estonia) (A3)

Valmiera is the 8th biggest city in Latvia and the administrative, educational, cultural and sports centre of the Vidzeme region. As it is a city with a true entrepreneurial spirit, Valmiera is also the centre for economic development of the Vidzeme region. It is a city of rich cultural heritage and active social life.

The year when the construction of the St. Simon’s Church was begun – 1283 – is considered to be the date, when the city was established.

Nowadays Valmiera is a city, where one can find true historical pearls along with vast territories of unspoiled natural beauty, which, combined with industrial urban environment, creates a picturesque landscape and has all favourable preconditions for enjoyable living in the city.