VUAS invests in STEM programs and research 


In order to adequately react on global and national changes in the labor market, as well as to increase the capacity of research and innovation institutions, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (VUAS) implements two European Regional Development Fund projects with a total value of more than one million EUR.


The aim of the project “Development of VUAS scientific infrastructure for research and innovation capacity development” (“Vidzemes Augstskolas zinātniskās infrastruktūras attīstīšana pētnieciskās un inovatīvās kapacitātes stiprināšanai”)  is to enhance the VUAS research and innovation capacity through the implementation of internationally competitive research projects and services that supports smart specialization field development in Latvia, as well as raising the productivity of the economy in national, regional and international levels.

As a result of the project implementation, the offer in STEM programs will be developed. As well an important investment will be put in the VUAS infrastructure and the development of material and technical base.