Citizens evaluate municipality's work in Valmiera 


In order to find out the citizen's opinion on municipality's work, services provided and their quality as well as cooperation with society, information adequacy and other issues in Valmiera in Year 2016, Valmiera Municipality asked citizens to participate in Annual Citizen Survey. 



94,5% - satisfied with life in Valmiera

In total 387 respondents filled the questionnaire and the results showed that 94,5% of the respondents are satisfied with their life in Valmiera. Regarding the service provision and its quality, the most approved was the after school education offer (80,4%), offer of the cultural events (79,3%), secondary school education offer (70,0%), as well as sports and leisure activities offer (77,0%), highschool education offer (69,5%) and professional education offer (66,4%).

Infrastructure improvement work

When asked to highlight the positive work that the municipality has done during a year, most often the infrastructure improvement work was mentioned, especially highlighting G.Apina street. In addition citizens approve the construction of swimming pool, work in the Vecpuišu park, as well as the construction of apartment buildings. Citizens not only evaluate the work mentioned above as well done, but often encourages municipality to keep on going the same way.

On the other hand, when asked to point out the necessary improvement, citizens highlighted the work on sidewalks, as well as improving the number of parking spots in the city. Respondents also asked to continue to develop the urban environment. In addition, they asked municipality to improve the street lighting. Citizens also suggested to improve the social service offer, increase the amount of the housing stock, improve support opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as to support creating new working places.

66,3% evaluate the work of municipality as good or more than good

66,3% of the respondents evaluated the work of municipality as good or more than good, 27,8% - as average, 1,87% - as bad or worse than bad, however 4,01% did not have opinion on the issue. The municipality's cooperation with citizens is evaluated as good or more than good by 59,5%, as an average - by 27,85%, as bad or worse than bad - by 5,3%, but 7,16% did not have an opinion. In total citizens approves the attitude, knowledge and competency of specialists in municipality.

Nr.1 source of municipality news is social media

Regarding the information adequacy, 47,5% of respondents say that the amount of information on municipality's work is sufficient. 38,3% says it is insufficient, however, they'd know where to find the information in a case of a need, but 10,5% admitted to feel the lack of information on municipality's work. The most common sources are social media (Facebook, Draugiem, Instagram, Twitter) - 66,8%, homepage www.valmiera.lv - 63,9%, and municipality's informative newspaper "Valmiera domā un rada" - 56,5%. About a half of respondents acquires the information on the local media such as news portal "Valmieras Ziņas" and "Valmiera24.lv", 51,5%  - from friends, acquaintances and collegues. Other sources are newspaper “Liesma”, television channel VTV/Re:TV, radio, vortal www.visit.valmiera.lv and the newspaper “Tava izvēle:”.

We thank all the respondents for participation in a survey, for sharing their opinion and giving out suggestions in that way helping us to cooperate towards the development of the city.