Year 2017 - in the spirit of European Region of Gastronomy 


To preserve the gastronomic traditions and the variety of local cuisine, to use local products and to promote the Gauja National Park as a tourism destination by showing to ourselves and others how rich and unique we are – those are the goals of the European Region of Gastronomy. In 2017 the Riga-Gauja region is bearing the title of European Region of Gastronomy, and it also includes Valmiera.

The nature in Latvia is not only beautiful, but also tasty. A plate served in each season has its own colours, flavours and set of vitamins. Being close to the nature is something special in Latvia. It is hard to find a forest in which during autumn you will not come across young and old mushroom “detectives”, able to notice a mushroom hiding under the colourful leaves. In summer we gather flowers and, yes, also weeds to turn them into tasty tea or even natural medicine for the harsh winter time.

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